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Committed to keeping your home and business: clean, maintained and disinfected.
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OCC Cleaning Services, We have 20 years of experience in cleaning services and satisfied customers with our services for more than 8 years. We pride ourselves on providing all people seeking cleaning-related services with fast, efficient, effective, and professional solutions. As a company, our collaborators understand that the main concept is the importance of cleanliness and order in life in all possible aspects. We seek to build and if possible educate and share with each client our purposes in the field of care and the importance of each of our residential and commercial cleaning services.

Years of experience in the cleaning business have given us strengths to be able to build our service policies more efficiently and in this way to detect the best way to train our staff and provide each home, business and project with a professional staff tailored to customer needs.

We know the importance of cleaning in times of a pandemic due to the virus known as COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), it is for the same reason that we constantly seek to modify the way we do our services in effect to meet all the requirements with legal action, scientific and as well technological to be able to fight with the best ecological cleaning and disinfection products that exist in the market, and in this way ensure the integrity of our clients and our professional staff in each visit. 
Our main priority is for our clients to enjoy their free time in a clean, disinfected and safe environment.


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Why Choose Us?

We are a company that understands the cleaning needs of our customers, for this reason we provide a specialized service creating a safe, disinfected and clean environment.
We want to break all expectations and offer an ideal service with all quality parameters in our cleaning services.
We understand the importance of pets in the lives of many of our home customers, that is why we have a safe, efficient and effective way with specialized products and tools for the care that your pet deserves.
Enjoy all our services, benefits and much more.

Trained and Professional Staff.
Recurring Cleaning Offered (Daily, Weekly, Bi-wekly, Monthly, Etc.)
Home Cleaning Pets Friendly.
Quality in Our Services.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Availability of personalized service to the needs of our customers.
Licensed and Insured.
We use the best eco-friendly and pet-friendly cleaning equipment and supplies on the market.
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